Dafabet Aviator Online Game

Dafabet Aviator is a gambling game that is extremely popular in India. It gives an opportunity to the gambling fans to gain earnings by increasing the bet up to 100 times in a few seconds.

That is why the Aviator online game became famous in the online casino, due to its simplicity and breathtaking gambling experience. Moreover, the Aviator casino game is based on a highly secure and just system, which guarantees game fairness in the gambling industry. So, the Aviator at Dafabet is absolute fun, risk and win.

Online game Aviator in Dafabet

What is the Aviator Game

Aviator is a betting game of the new era that belongs to the crush category. It was created by Spribe in 2019, and since then the game has had extreme popularity among many Indian gaming fans. The peculiarity of the game is its uniqueness and entertainment which is not similar to any other Dafabet online games.

It takes a few seconds to comprehend what is Aviator even to a beginner: it is a gambling multiplayer game that consists of a plane that takes to the air increasing the altitude that can crash at any moment. So, the main aim of the gamer is to redeem the multiplied bet before the plane escapes. It is easy to earn real money there, that is why Aviator is loved by so many gamers.

What is the Aviator Game

How does the Aviator Game Work

The basis of the Aviator is clear and understandable. At the beginning of the round, the gamer makes a bet and it is 1x. When the plane takes off, the game begins, and the odds are driven by the growth of multiplication while the plane gains altitude. So, the win happens when the player makes the Cash-out, and his bet is multiplied by the odds shown on the screen. At a random moment, the enlargement of the multiplying stops and the plane escapes, and the bets of those gamblers who have not withdrawn their bets are wasted.

It should be admitted that the Aviator is 100% honest, as the odds at which the plane ends the flight are generated with the help of the gamers who are engaged in the round. The customer of the Aviator game in India should remember that the higher the made bet and the longer the flight of the plane, the more chances the player has to win the huge odds, but he needs to stop at the appropriate moment, and the win will be withdrawn.

Gameplay online game Aviator

How to Start Playing the Dafabet Aviator

The start of playing the Aviator is as easy as possible, following the described below guidance:

  1. Open the official website or Dafa bet apk;
  2. Log in to the account, or sign up a new one;
  3. Make a deposit to the account;
  4. Open the Aviator;
  5. Put in the first bet and wait for the beginning of the flight;
  6. Redeem the bet until the end of the round.
Interface of the online game Aviator on Dafabet

Types of Aviator Bets

There are various strategies of how to put a bet at Aviator, among them single betting, two parallel bets and auto betting. So, the Indian player may choose what kind of bet to place in order to win the jackpot at Dafabet online sportsbook.

  • Single betting is the most suitable choice for beginners, as it allows the bettor to attentively monitor the flight of the plane and make money clicking on ‘Cash out’. In order to make a single bet, the player needs to replenish a deposit, then open the game, choose the sum of the bet, click on the button and start playing; 
  • Two simultaneous bets can be placed parallel, so the player can increase the win significantly. In order to add a second betting field, the player needs to click on the plus on the upper right edge of the betting field. After that, the player can make two simultaneous bets in one round of the game. This game process is entirely the same as playing with a single bet, but it requires more player attention. 

Dafabet players can enable the Auto-Cashout and Auto-Bet options, as they allow to minimize the number of lost rounds and systematically enlarge the balance:

  • Auto-Bet places a bet that is identical to the preceding bet. It can be turned on the Auto menu on the betting panel by switching on the box on the Auto-Bet line. After being started, the bet will be placed automatically, but in order to redeem it, the bettor needs to push the ‘Cash out’ button in every round. Also, the gamer can apply the Auto-cashout function;
  • Auto-Cashout is also accessible in the Auto menu on the panel. It determines the odds that the player has specified and makes automatic cash out of the player’s winning.

So, the Aviator players have multiple choices of strategies and opportunities of how to place their bets and make enormous gains at Dafabet.

Types of Bets at Aviator one the Dafabet website

RTP and Volatility of Dafabet Aviator Game

The Aviator game has a reasonably honest RTP of 97%.

It should be remembered that the Aviator is totally controlled by the player, and he is the one who makes decisions during the round and regulates the outcome or volatility of the game. So, the earlier the player pushes the ‘Cash out’ button and withdraws his winning, the lower the risk or volatility of the game.

The player can keep the volatility low by withdrawing the bet when the coefficient is in the range of 1.10 to 1.40x. Also, the bettor can use Auto Cash-out to help with keeping low volatility.

Winning odds in the online game Aviator

How to Test Aviator Game Demo Mode

The Aviator is really breathtaking to play, and beginners have the opportunity to learn to play for free without making bets.

The software provider of the Aviator is Spribe, which is specialized in creating innovative games in the gambling sphere. So, the fresh players are able to play in demo mode of Aviator at the official Spribe website for free.

Aviator game demo


What is the maximum bet sum that can be made at the Dafabet Aviator Game?

The maximum bet Indian players can put at the Dafabet Aviator is 1000 INR for every game round.

Is the Aviator a slot game?

Yes, the Aviator is a slot multiplayer game of the new era in the gambling and entertainment sphere.

Is it possible to Play the Aviator game on the Dafabet app?

Yes, the Aviator is a mobile-friendly gambling game that can be played via the Dafabet app on the player’s gadget.

How much can I win at the Aviator Game at Dafabet?

The odds can be multiplied from 1.00x to 1,000,000.00x, so the win can be enormously high while playing the Game at Dafabet Casino.