Privacy Policy

Almost every player, who starts playing in a casino or betting, worries about making sure no one finds out about it. Based on this need, dafabetasia has developed a set of rules that deal with the protection of personal data.

Knowing this information and agreeing to such terms and conditions ensures some features. Your use of the platform’s services will be even more convenient and of a higher quality.

Dafabet Privacy Policy

Data to be collected and stored on the platform

At the moment, Dafabet only has a policy of collecting and storing certain information about players. This minimizes the risk of leakage and simplifies the operation of various security systems. This data includes:

Each of these items is responsible for a specific need. However, despite the large list, you don’t have to worry about disclosure. The duration of data retention is determined by the legal side of company regulation. If you stop your activity on the service, your data is automatically cleared.

Ways of protecting personal data

Modern technology makes it possible to keep information fully secure. The best ways, which dafabetasia uses, include the following:

In addition, various checks are carried out by the company. Violators are regularly identified and punished.

Liability measures for breaches of the privacy policy

The high quality of services provided is a definite marker in the world for companies of a similar type. And to ensure that violators of the rules cannot ruin their reputation, dafabetasia has established liability measures. They consist of:

However, it should be kept in mind that this is also monitored by the information system. If you have been wrongly penalized, please contact the Support Team immediately!

The basis for collecting and storing information on the dafabetasia platform

Speaking of privacy policies, it is important to note that no one will use your information for personal purposes, to blackmail you, or for other improper purposes. Collecting and storing data is necessary for the following matters:

In addition, each of these sub-items also has its properties and characteristics, revealing and revealing smaller goals. If you have any questions about your data, you can always resolve them by contacting the service via email, social media or online chat.